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Saphirjd.meProvides no services anymore!

The new location of the previously hosted “Best of Demoscene collection” you will find now under

Got tired of a web with a growing number of leftwing and rightwing radicals which do not care for others life, which do not care if others are guilt-less and try to destroy one’s life without mercy. There is a growing number of intolerant people which have no problem with exposing others to the public in such a way that it opens windows and doors for death threats and threats of violence against the affected persons! As i support no fascists and as the state of this web in the way it is today disgusts me the only logical and viable solution is in me leaving this mad-house to ensure to keep my own mental health and sanity!

What i support (+) and what i don’t support (-) :
+ Freedom of speech
+ Being critical of radical religions/believes
+ Being critical of “open borders”
+ Being critical of legalizing uncontrolled mass migration/illegal migration
+ Supporting Conservatives, the political middle and the true moderate Left

– Lenin/Marx inspired believes
– Demolishing/Deconstruction of the whole law enforcement
– Violence/Looting to reach political goals
– Fascism/racism no matter if it is coming from the Left or Right
– Freedom of speech – if it is used to spread true radically dangerous ideologies
– The abuse of the words Nazi/fascist to destroy others reputation

SaphirJD – Retiring from the normal web in 2020

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