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Information – 2023 – State of

Saphirjd.meProvides no services anymore!
—————————————————— home server is gone – For some remaining files online visit

Status update 02-2023
From this point on forward my homeserver which was relocated towards my place some time ago again is offline – as nobody showed interest in preserving the files, all is lost now.

If you want to contact me for any reasons – try to ask for my replacement Discord and still active Element account – or some social networks where i am still available:

(remove the brackets inside the mail)

or ask me on IRC (more preferred option to talk to me)

Updated working IRC contact options:
—————————————————— – Flintstones network – join #saphir – Rizon IRC network – join #saphir – Rizon webchat – join #saphir – Libera Chat network – pm Saphir

Once connected you can send pm with commands like:
/msg Saphir Your-text

You can join a channel with this command:
/join #Channel-Name

If a server requires registering for PM usage – use register/identify commands and resend the message – just register a temp mail at Tutanota/Protonmail if you dont want to use your own for nick-registering:
/msg nickserv register yourpassword yourmail
/msg nickserv identify yourpassword
/msg Saphir Your-text

The most easy way is to register at

which offers you a free account where you can add 2 IRC networks – and stay connected there for 7 hours!

The remaining files and i will stay online around 2026 – where my main domain expires – if i keep my messengers and if i will still use IRC at this much later point… will be determined… later!

Status update 01-2022
After an extended time-out/counseling in 2021 regarding intensity-varying baseless attempts of character-assassination and following afterwards a lot of cowardly and anonymously sent attacks over various resources from

some clearly fascist-opinioned/prejudiced facts-ignoring offenders related to a hobby activity of mine since 2002

i have decided to return to so-called Free-speech-instances where also Apolitical, Centrist or even Conservative users are allowed to participate in open and honest discourse. This includes Free-speech-IRC-networks, Fediverse and for private messaging Element/Riot. More about IRC here –

But I will never return to the mainstream web anymore which is filled with leftwing and rightwing radicals which enjoy to present randomly online found information as evidence, which do not care if others are guilt-less and exposing others in such a way that the resulting experiences are even death threats and threats of violence in the end.

I should be pretty simple to find and to contact. For my Element/Riot username ask me on IRC:

Greetings, Saphir

What i support (+) and what i don’t support (-)
+ Freedom of speech
+ Being critical of radical religions/believes
+ Being critical of “open borders”
+ Being critical of legalizing uncontrolled mass migration/illegal migration
+ Supporting Conservatives, the political middle and the true moderate Left

– Lenin/Marx/Nazi inspired believes
– Demolishing/Deconstruction of the whole law enforcement
– Violence/Looting to reach political goals
– Fascism/racism no matter if it is coming from the Left or Right
– Freedom of speech – if it is used to spread true radically dangerous ideologies
– The abuse of the words Nazi/fascist to destroy others reputation

Saphir – Retiring from the normal web in 2020